We have rebuilt villa La Bigiola  without haste and with patience, and we desire to  made it available to those who know and appreciate the simple things without giving up comfort.

Situated at a few Km from Rimini historic center and from the sea in a quiet surrounding plunged in a 360° panorama which you can enjoy while taking a walk in the surrounding countryside or while discovering cycling routes which stretch in many directions.

And then, all around, medieval villages in their intact beauty, to be visited and discovered in their history and ancient charm (San Marino, San Leo, Verucchio and Santarcangelo di Romagna are the most famous) and cities of art Ferrara, Ravenna, Urbino  (all UNESCO World Heritage Sites)

Naturally the sea is always there, just a few minutes by car, cozy and festive in the summer, but never so charming and romantic as in winter!

Villa La Bigiola takes its name from the family that lived there (the Bernardini called Bigiola) and has a history of ancient country emporium. At that time it was a real “cultural center (as you can read in “History of Rimini and surroundings”by Bruno Ghigi) : the peasant families went there every day to buy various types of goods and exchange opinions on the progress of the seasons, on the harvest, on family situations, on sporting events, or to play cards.

We therefore want to continue this vocation de la Bigiola to be a center of aggregation even today: opening our home to visitors who will find the best they could wish for during a holiday.

In addition to our friendship and availability you can discover many cycling routes and, to the laziest but not only to them, we suggest you go down a half hour in our garden of olive trees, true natural tonic.

With these premises our guests can enjoy a stay in the peace of the countryside near the sea, discovering the genuine products, savoring traditions, history and culture of Romagna, beyond any common place.

Marta Czok – Tavolata

Ireos – Decorazione interna