Paganello is a Frisbee tournament, which includes two disciplines: Beach Ultimate, a team sport played with the Frisbee (beach version of Ultimate Frisbee) and Freestyle, which is played individually or in groups of two or three, for those who love acrobatics. Born as a weekend between friends, Paga, as called by the fans, turned to be the most prestigious Beach tournament in the Ultimate world. Teams from Usa, where Frisbee born fifty years ago, Russia, Sweden, Canada, UK and so on join Paganello every year.
Paga is a tradition, as Wimbledon for tennis players. If you love this sport, you must come to Rimini once in life: challenges with the best players of your discipline, half kilometer of free beach dedicated to Frisbee and parties, and dancing until morning.Paga is not only sport and competition. Paganello are concerts, parties, free wine and piadina on the Welcome Party. Furthermore, you will find activities for children and, why not, try to play Frisbee you too!

See you on the beach! Free entrance obviously! And we take care of the ecology with “Paganello is green” and the objective is to be a zero environmental impact.

Paganello takes place every year on Easter (from Saturdayto Monday). The finals start from 12:30 on Monday, whereas on Sunday afternoon start the finals of the Freestyle division (from 14:30)

The big welcome party (on the beach!) takes place on Friday night. Can’t miss it!